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                                   From the Friends of Renee
The next fundraiser is around the corner: If you can volunteer for an hour or a few hours would really help out Eric who organized this event - and it will go smoother. :)
Or ​if you would like to participate in it, everyone last year said it was a lot of fun!
Please contact Eric at (310) 877-3822 or 
The event is Sat Sept 26th-2015 11:00 a.m. - 6:00​p.m.

Money raised will go towards Renee's medication, doctors, medically supplies, and pain management that are not covered by her insurance.​
There is a group of us who call ourselves "The Committee", and we seek help from you and our community.  Our friend Renee has been battling Lyme disease for the past few years. This has taken a tremendous toll on her physically, emotionally, and financially.  Renee has touched so many lives, giving her love and friendship to us all.  We feel compelled to help such a great person pull thru this crisis.

Renee was paying $430 a month for an individual PPO health care plan with Anthem Blue Cross.  However, her treatments were constantly being denied - IV treatments, IV supplies, and even some of her doctors.  Her best friend, who works in the health care industry, spent countless hours trying to get reimbursements. Renee recently qualified for Medicare, the benefit from which is vastly reduced costs from potential emergency room visits and other unexpected hospitalizations resulting from Lyme disease, such as problems with her PICC Line. However, Renee and husband Ugo are still paying between $2,500 and $3,000 out of pocket per month for IV and other medications.  Her medical illness has depleted their savings and they are going further into debt while ensuring they don't disrupt the treatment, which has begun to see significant improvements in her health as of late 2013.  We need to keep her on this path to ensure full recovery!!  

Our primary goal is to raise cash to help Renee and Ugo meet their financial burden by collecting direct donations and organizing fundraiser events.  The money raised will go solely towards her specialists, home nurses, IV antibiotics and IV supplies.   Please see below for ways you can help.   ​With your assistance, Renee will be back to her old self soon: happy, healthy, and smiling!
An additional goal for the Friends of Renee is to raise awareness of Lyme disease, which is the fastest growing infectious disease in the United States!  Do yourself a favor: read the summary and links in the "Education" section of this website to learn more about how you, your friends, and loved ones can avoid getting Lyme disease, or at least how to detect it early enough to save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and years of pain and suffering!!  

The Friends of Renee Fundraising Committee
(Eric Foster, Denean Koren, Erick Schultz, Andrea Giancoli, Claudia Berman, and Nona Janssen)

                                  ​   How You Can Help

1) Make a donation that is securely linked to PayPal.  To make an online cash donation directly to the Renee Avis Treatment Fund, sign-in at, point your cursor on “Transfer” near the top, click on “Send Someone Money”, and send your donation using the email address PayPal won’t charge any fees unless you want to use your credit card. Your support is making a difference!  

2) Volunteer to help at our fundraisers. We can always use help at the fundraisers whether it would be 
​setting up the room or tables, printing and handing out brochures, advertising, securing vendors and corporate sponsors, etc. 
Contact:  ​ Eric Foster, Friends of Renee Chairman, at:

3) Donate something for our annual fundraisers, which include a poker tournament, scavenger hunt, golf tournament & silent auction.
   ​ Donation Examples:
*  A good or service from the company that you own or manage (gift certificates).
*  An item from the company that your work for.​
*  A signed autograph from a celebrity: sports, musician, or actor.
*  Connections to tickets to an amusement park, rock concert, or sporting event.
*  Connections to someone who could offer a sunset boat cruise, horseback ride, ​or diving lessons. etc.
​Contact:  Erick Schultz, Event Planner for Friends of Renee, at:

4) ​​Continue to attend our community fundraisers and bring friends and co-workers.
​We have raised approximately $19,000 from our previous fundraisers as of September, 2013.
Poker Tournament, Garage Sale, ​Comedy Club Night, Wine Tasting Events, Italian Dinner, Scavenger Hunt, and Music Concert. ​​​
​​​We want to raise even more money at our fundraisers coming up: 
• Garage Sale - July 2015
​• Booze-N-Clues - September 26, 2015 -
​​• For dates on these events Contact: Eric Foster, Friends of Renee Chairman, at:

5) Organize a fundraiser and Lyme awareness event in your community or church. We can send you brochures about Lyme Disease & Renee's story.
For Ideas Contact:  Eric Foster, Friends of Renee Chairman, at:

6)Do business with a sponsor who will donate a percentage of proceeds to the Renee Avis Get Better Fund. ​
​• Scott McPherson of C2 Financial has personally donated approximately $4,400 from his loan commissions as of April 2015.
​Email for more information.  ​
​• Bent Ear Promotions supplies branded items (pens, caps, shirts, USB drives, etc.) with your company logo imprinted on them. A generous 50% of commission generated on any order placed with Bent Ear through a Friends of Renee contact or referral will go to Renee's medical fund! Here's the 2014 Catalog:
​Contact:  Mary White, Tel 310-940-4357,
​• Ed MacLaughlin
​​7) Email if you have any helpful ideas about reimbursement for health care costs or Financial Aid Programs.
Contact: Jennifer Stead, Reimbursement​ Director for the Renee Avis Treatment Fund, at:


                                                    ​Click below to donate securely via PayPal




To make an online cash donation directly to the Renee Avis Treatment Fund, please use PayPal. Sign-in at, point your cursor on “Transfer” near the top, click on “Send Someone Money”, and send your donation using the email address  PayPal won’t charge any fees unless you want to use your credit card. Your support is making a difference!