​​2013 Booze-N-Clues Bar & Beach Scavenger Hunt on Sept 28th was a success!
-Over $2,000 raised for the Renee Avis Treatment Fund
-80 Attendees that learned A LOT about Lyme disease​

Please Support Our Gracious Sponsors & Prize Donors!
Shotgun Wedding: 353
Kristy’s Lovers & One Husband: 334
Free Beer and Friends: 333
1 Fish 2 Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish: 321
StL Cards: 319
We Love Free Bar Stuff: 317
M.C. Wrappers: 316
Hermosa Wicked Wave Warriors: 303
Team Hurt (aka Team Sheets): 296
The Village Girls: 294
Fireball Assassins: 292
Chillers: 269
Pornstash: 254
Island Fever (aka Mutombo’s Fingers): Did not submit
South Bay’s Hottest Hunters: Did not submit

Costume Contest:
1st Place = Team Hurt
2nd Place = Shotgun Wedding
3rd Place = The Village Girls

Cornhole Contest:
1st Place = Kristy’s Lovers & One Husband – 21 points
2nd Place = 1 Fish 2 Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish – 17 points
3rd Place = StL Cards – 15 points

Beach Time Trial:
1st Place = Shotgun Wedding – 2min 58sec
2nd Place = 1 Fish 2 Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish – 4min 36sec
3rd Place = Fireball Assassins – 4min 40sec

Boat Race at Patrick Molloy’s:
1st Place = We Love Free Bar Stuff – 14sec
2nd Place = Shotgun Wedding – 16sec
3rd Place = 1 Fish 2 Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish – 19sec

Hot Wings Eating Contest at Pedone’s Pizzeria:
1st Place = Kristy’s Lovers & One Husband – 46sec
2nd Place = Shotgun Wedding – 1min 0sec
3rd Place = We Love Free Bar Stuff – 1min 15sec
We have a new sponsor!  Bent Ear Promotions is generously donating 50% of commissions generated on any order placed through a Friends of Renee contact or referral to Renee's medical fund! Visit www.bentearpromotions.com or contact owner Mary White (a friend of Renee and Ugo) at 310-940-4357 to place an order.
MARCH 16, 2014:  The Poker Tourney and Silent Auction Fundraiser at Normandie Casino was a great success!

Poker Tourney = $3,075
Silent Auction = $945​​​
TOTAL RAISED = $4,020 !!!

Most successful event yet!  Friends of Renee has now raised over $54,000 to pay for Renee's medical bills...we've still got a ways to go, so we appreciate everyone's ongoing support!!!


Wine Tasting Fundraiser at Uncorked​​​​​​​ (TBD in May or June)

BOOZE-N-CLUES 2014 - Mark your calendars!  SEPTEMBER 27, 2014