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Shotgun Wedding: 353
Kristy’s Lovers & One Husband: 334
Free Beer and Friends: 333
1 Fish 2 Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish: 321
StL Cards: 319
We Love Free Bar Stuff: 317
M.C. Wrappers: 316
Hermosa Wicked Wave Warriors: 303
Team Hurt (aka Team Sheets): 296
The Village Girls: 294
Fireball Assassins: 292
Chillers: 269
Pornstash: 254
Island Fever (aka Mutombo’s Fingers): Did not submit
South Bay’s Hottest Hunters: Did not submit

Costume Contest:
1st Place = Team Hurt
2nd Place = Shotgun Wedding
3rd Place = The Village Girls

Cornhole Contest:
1st Place = Kristy’s Lovers & One Husband – 21 points
2nd Place = 1 Fish 2 Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish – 17 points
3rd Place = StL Cards – 15 points

Beach Time Trial:
1st Place = Shotgun Wedding – 2min 58sec
2nd Place = 1 Fish 2 Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish – 4min 36sec
3rd Place = Fireball Assassins – 4min 40sec

Boat Race at Patrick Molloy’s:
1st Place = We Love Free Bar Stuff – 14sec
2nd Place = Shotgun Wedding – 16sec
3rd Place = 1 Fish 2 Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish – 19sec

Hot Wings Eating Contest at Pedone’s Pizzeria:
1st Place = Kristy’s Lovers & One Husband – 46sec
2nd Place = Shotgun Wedding – 1min 0sec
3rd Place = We Love Free Bar Stuff – 1min 15sec
Lyme Disease is complicated when treating, and most of the doctors and medications are all out of pocket. Insurance does not pay for the treatment of Lyme Disease. Hopefully in years to come things will change.

For now, we are raising money in order for Renee to continue her treatment. 
​​We are doing a Garage Sale Fundraiser this May 2014. We had surf boards, bikes, exercise machines, electronics, furniture, and everything under the sun. If you do some spring cleaning, and have something to donate let us know!

If you live in the Southbay, we may be able to pick it up at your house. Please contact Eric Foster at or Call Ugo.

Earlier this year Renee's friends did a Silent Auction and a Poker Tournament. Everyone had a blast and the fundraiser was a huge success!

This fall we plan to do another Scavenger Hunt/ Pub Crawl "Booze and Clues".  This was a favorite to participate in, and the local businesses donated some amazing prices!

Some local business below are helping Renee with a percentage of their business. So check them out!

​​​Our Alliance Partners donate to Renee when you do business with them!  Bent Ear Promotions is generously donating 50% of commissions generated on any order placed through a Friends of Renee contact or referral to Renee's medical fund! Visit or contact owner Mary White (a friend of Renee and Ugo) at 310-940-4357 to place an order.
Our Newest Alliance Partner is Ed MacLaughlin, Real Estate Agent with Shorewood Realty.

Ed, a long time friend of Renee, will donate 25% of his commission for every referral that he receives from the Friends of Renee that results in a successfully closed real estate deal.  He's been in the top 5 percent of South Bay agents for over 12 years, so we encourage you to contact him if you are planning to buy or sell property.

Contact or refer a friend to Ed today!  Here is how he can be reached:

Ed MacLaughlin
"The Power of Positive Real Estate"
Shorewood Realtors

‘2013 and 2014 Best of the Beach’
- Ed MacLaughlin was voted #1 Real Estate Listing Agent and #1 Buyers Agent! by the ‘Easy Reader News’ people’s poll! <- Like us here!​